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Concierge Program


Care That’s Personal

We are passionate about delivering truly exceptional care. Distinctively designed for your well-being, our signature concierge program is here for you, whatever the need.

At Hebrew Center for Health & Rehabilitation, you will feel supported in your wellness journey and can achieve a positive recovery.


Meet Your Concierge: Akosua “AK” Darko

AK Darko, Concierge, Hebrew Center for Health & Rehabilitation

Akosua “AK” Darko has been a valuable nurse aide at Hebrew Center since 2015 – a shining star, prior to her concierge role.

She has impressive leadership skills and goes above and beyond in working with our management team to ensure we meet our residents’ and families’ needs. She maintains her CNA license while completing a program to become a nursing home administrator.


Getting to know AK

What is your favorite part of your role as Concierge?

“Making patients and families happy! I love connecting with families and patients to help make their wishes come true, such as facilitating birthday parties and family visits.”

What does a typical day look like?

“I spend most of my time engaging with patients and talking with families to ensure we are going above and beyond in meeting their needs. My day typically includes helping a resident get a favorite meal or watch a favorite movie. I also make sure our residents feel comfortable and connected.”