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Effective Tuesday, November 21, 2017, Hebrew Center for Health & Rehabilitation has earned the privilege to call ourselves HKC Certified. Certified Kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission. Whereas before our center was certified by our Rabbi, now our entire Jewish community certifies it as Kosher. This certification means that the vast majority of our population are able to eat from our kitchen, our cafe and catered events. It means that we seal our bond with all other Jewish institutions. It means we are dedicated to excellence and take no shortcuts to assuring the best for our elders.

At the Hebrew Center for Health and Rehabilitation, we understand that comfort and familiarity is a key part of the journey to wellness. We also understand that maintaining your religious beliefs and principles is fundamental in continued enrichment of life.

Our Kosher meal services allow residents to maintain their dietary requirements throughout their stay with us. At the Hebrew Center, we ensure we follow all principles of Kosher including purchase, storage, preparation, and service.

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Rabbi Daniel Braune-Friedman
Director, Pastoral Services
Hebrew Center for Health and Rehabilitation
(860) 523-3859