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“My stay was nice. I like the people and the staff the most. I get to talk to a lot of people. I loved the food. The food was excellent. Rehab was really good. I’ve been to other places for rehab before. This was different. This is the way it should be done. I would rather be here.”

— Robert Burchfiel

“My stay at The Hebrew Center was par excellent! If I could say one word for what the staff did well it would be EVERYTHING. Keep everything here the same.”

— Jacob Chack

“Everything went well. It was extraordinary. This was a perfect choice. I feel like a poster boy for how rehab works. Arun, the Rehab Director, was the key to my progress. He was really good at sensing what I needed to do.”

— Norman Rosow

“I like the people here. Every time I come I get good care. It’s been nice to know people here. The nurses are good too.”

— Viola Russell (6th stay at Hebrew)

“My stay was very good. I know the people and they are really good. The people are really nice and the therapy is very good here. I really enjoyed it. The Therapists are on the ball. They make you feel special.”

— Irene Harris (4th stay at Hebrew)