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1,000,000 THANKS!!!

“Smiles, hugs, a moment spent to update us about one or both of our parents… we miss this personal contact with such an incredible staff!!!!! However, although we cannot enter the building, we are comforted and reassured by the knowledge that YOU are the ones making the unselfish and noble sacrifice of caring for our parents.

Your response when we call, the time you spend FaceTiming so Dad and Mom can “see us” and we can actually “see them” is meaningful beyond words. You will never realize how comforting and reassured we are knowing that you are there for them.”

— J.H. & S.R.

Appreciation to Hebrew Center Employees

“I’m sending this email to show my complete admiration and appreciation to you, your staff, and all the healthcare workers employed by this nursing facility. With all the uncertainty and unknowns about the deadly COVID-19 virus, the employees at this facility continue to put their lives and family in harm’s way.

As we all know by now, you’re all on the frontlines of this pandemic…..which I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact of how you do it. After speaking with you (as well as Beth: head nurse – 2nd fl. Wing), I appreciate the transparency displayed at the facility regarding protocol rules implemented as a result of this mysterious virus.

You’ve put my family and I at ease during these uncertain times. Additionally, my mother couldn’t be more happier than she’s been as a resident there. My family and I speak to her regularly whereas she constantly states how well she’s being treated. For instance, I’m lol because she says they give her so much food, she doesn’t know what to do with it all. 🙂

That said, I would personally like to thank you, your staff and all the healthcare workers (especially on 2 south) for the phenomenal job they’re doing. Thanks for the continued commitment and dedication you’ve all displayed towards our loved ones. Time after time I ask myself how many people would be willing to do what healthcare workers do in a situation like this and the answer is simply not many. Therefore, stay safe and may God bless you all.”

— L.W, Sr.

“My stay was nice. I like the people and the staff the most. I get to talk to a lot of people. I loved the food. The food was excellent. Rehab was really good. I’ve been to other places for rehab before. This was different. This is the way it should be done. I would rather be here.”

— R.B.

“My stay at The Hebrew Center was par excellent! If I could say one word for what the staff did well it would be EVERYTHING. Keep everything here the same.”

— J.C.

“Everything went well. It was extraordinary. This was a perfect choice. I feel like a poster boy for how rehab works. Arun, the Rehab Director, was the key to my progress. He was really good at sensing what I needed to do.”

— N.R.