Our Team

Penni Martin, Administrator

Penni has been a long-standing administrator in the state of Connecticut and with National Health Care Associates, which is the owner of the Hebrew Center, for more than 10 years now. Previously, Penni was the Regional Director of Operations for all Connecticut-based centers. Prior to that position she has been an administrator at three other National Health Care centers. She came to the Hebrew Center last June, as the new administrator. She enjoys working at the Hebrew Center because it has a great reputation in both the Greater West Hartford community and with regional healthcare providers. She is proud of her entire team and she is happy that she found the right people to make the Hebrew Center a 5-Star CMS center. She’s extremely proud of that accomplishment and the quality of care here. It’s great for her to be able to watch the transition of care. The center is improving and doing great under National Health Care. Hebrew Center is now Kosher HKC certified and they’re the only one in Connecticut with such distinction. Penni feels this was such an accomplishment for the center and she can’t say enough how proud she is of her team for the great strides they have made and what the futures hold for Hebrew Center!

Rebecca Sears, Director of Marketing

Rebecca Sears is the director of marketing and community relations here at Hebrew Center. She started working in the healthcare industry in the early 90’s, when in college, and took on her first job working on a secured dementia unit. When working there she developed a great passion in caring for the elderly. This experience then drove her to pursue more education as she went on to earn her A.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, and later her Bachelors in Science in Business Administration. She has dedicated more than 14 years of her life providing therapeutic programming for both dementia and psychiatric geriatric long-term community members, before taking on the role of admissions and then marketing for long-term care centers. She’s been with us at the Hebrew Center since last spring. Her job is to foster a strong connection between the community and the Hebrew center. She’s happy to be working for such a great center, one that is focused on providing the best possible care to the residents.

Tracee Smith, Director of Medicare

If you see a fluffy white dog attached to a woman’s hip at Hebrew Center, then it’s Tracee and her dog Cody! She’s the director of Medicare here and her job entails being in charge of all aspects of Medicare and making sure the residents get the services they need. Tracee has been a National Health Care employee for about 12 years now. She started working at the Hebrew Center in October of 2017. Previously she was a regional director, but she’s excited for her future at the Hebrew Center. Being able to help somebody in need of care is the best part of her job. She said, getting to see a customer be able to go home and back to their normal living is the most rewarding. Tracee thinks that her team here is the great because of how friendly they are. What she loves is being able to bring Cody around to the residents to cheer them up and he loves it too!

Alexander Georgiou, Director of Life Enrichment

Alex, otherwise known as “the dancer” loves her job here at the Hebrew Center. It’s not hard to find her – often dancing with the patients, showing them a great time! She’s been with National Health Care for eight years, with the last four months at the Hebrew Center. She coordinates all of the activities and recreational events at the center. Working here has been a blast for her, she really does love her job. Alex wants to make a difference in the resident’s lives and feels like her job gives her a purpose. It makes her happy when the residents blow her kisses and are happy to see her. It helps that she loves her co-workers and thinks they work perfectly together as a team.

Liz Winkelmann, Business Office Manager

Liz works in the business office and oversees all the functions there. She has been working for National Health Care for over 30 years. She was originally a regional director, but wanted to work directly in a building and that’s how she ended up at the Hebrew Center in November of 2017. She’s super happy to be here because she now has more interaction with patients, families, and co-workers. She loves her team here at the Hebrew Center and believes they are all really interested in quality care for the residents. They all want to make things the best they could be. It’s a difficult process moving in a loved one to a center, but she finds it rewarding helping them all that she can with making the process easier.

Robert Hare, Director of Centers Management and Safety

Robert started working in the healthcare industry 15 years ago, so he has a lot of experience in facilities management. His job is to ensure the building runs smoothly for our residents and employees. He deals with state and safety codes to ensure they are regulated and up to date. He loves his job, but sometimes it’s the smaller things that are the most rewarding. For example, when he fixes a resident’s television. He loves being able to help make their stay more comfortable. He enjoys interacting with the residents any way he can. Overall, he’s proud of everything the Hebrew Center has accomplished since National Health Care acquired the center. There’s been change and it’s great to see improvement. Robert thinks the team here is great because they have a positive outlook on everything!

Ken Pina, Director of Food Services

Ken was referred to Hebrew Center from a former supervisor who currently works for the National Health Care, our management company. He’s been in the food industry for nearly 20 years, working for several other companies, but believes the Hebrew Center has the best staff, especially in the kitchen! The most rewarding part of his job is building relationships with the residents. He loves putting smiles on their faces and making them happy. What he’s most proud of is being able to raise the quality of food that is being served here and helping the center become HKC certified, Certified Kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission.

Duwayne McPherson, Supervisor Environmental Services

Duwayne’s job here at the Hebrew Center is to manage the housekeeping and laundry services. He manages a team of nearly 30 people who provide these services for the residents. He has been at the Hebrew Center for 10 years now, beginning as a line staff employee and working his way up to becoming a supervisor. His goal is to make sure that the residents and their family members are happy. In order to do that, Duwayne ensures that his employees are happy with their roles in his department; he feels this leads to making our residents happy. He’s proud to say that the changes National has implemented since its acquisition of Hebrew Center have made the building better and he’s looking forward to the future!

Donna Perrin, Director of Nursing

Donna oversees all members of the nursing team here at Hebrew Center and ensures that the residents receive the best possible care. She’s been a nurse since 1978, in both acute care (hospital setting) and subacute care (skilled nursing centers). Donna joined the National Health Care team as a regional director nearly four years ago and was involved with Hebrew Center for our transition to National Health Care for several months, so she had a good opportunity to learn more about our center and get to know our team. When the opportunity came to lead the clinical team, she jumped at it! Donna’s most proud of Hebrew Center’s 5 Star CSM rating and the overall quality rating of the center. Her goal is to help the residents have a good quality of life. It’s rewarding to see her residents, who were in need get better. That’s her number one priority, to help those in need. She loves her team and is proud of all they have accomplished.

Linda Legall, Assistant Director of Nursing

Linda has been with the Hebrew Center since July 2017. She is satisfied when the patients and their family members are satisfied. When they are happy, it means that Linda’s doing her job right. National Health Care took over and made the center a five star center, which she’s so proud of. Linda said that she loves her job so much that she could stay here all day and work. This is because she really loves the people that she works with. She thinks that everyone on her team is special and does great at their job.

John Buda, Infection Control

As the Infection Control Nurse at Hebrew Center, John oversees and develops care plans for anyone who comes to us with a wound and/or infection. He started his position here at the Hebrew Center in January of 2017 and really is enjoying it. It’s rewarding for him to see his patients get better and see results daily. He previously worked for a smaller business so it’s exciting for him to come work for a bigger company. He was excited to meet his new team and they are now his favorite part of working here. It’s been a blast for him so far and he’s looking forward to what the future holds for him, here at the Hebrew Center.